choose calm as business has been picking up, and in the absence of a second job, i have allowed stress to creep into my life. it's easy to allow yourself to feel overwhelmed when there is just so much work to be done! running your own business is a little crazy, i'm realizing. . . starting out is especially difficult. i am the factory worker, the seamstress, the designer, the advertiser, the book keeper, the marketing person. sometimes my 'to do' list is so out of control and lengthy, just looking at it gets me worried! i had a bit of a break down the other day, as i allowed my stress to build itself into a wall around me. and i was leaving it unchecked. i continued with my normal life- working hard on purusha, running/biking, yogaing. though my life was basically the same as always, i couldn't help but feel like i was running on empty. my temper and patience became shorter and i started eating a lot more sugar. i felt a bit hopeless and helpless. my mind went into autopilot, and i forgot that i had the option to steer my own ship. taking the time to meditate is hugely important. sometimes i'm just so go, go, go! that i have a hard time remembering to slow down, reflect, and decide if my current thought process is workable. upon watching my recurring thoughts i saw fear, anxiety, and dread- ugh well of course i felt like shit! my thoughts took control, when i should be controlling my thoughts! it's quite liberating- to realize stress is not necessary by any means. it doesn't get the job done any better or faster, and it's so unhealthy for the body. as a person that preaches yoga and health and calm, well i know i must first become an example of that before i can influence anyone else. so i'm choosing calm. it's not that the feelings of anxiety are gone, but rather i won't allow them to become my daily mantra. instead i am watching myself, like i would my own baby, and i'm not allowing the negativity to have power over me. the simplest answer is usually the best- to take a deep breath and let go of unusable thoughts. replace them with laughter, thoughts of love and intention, and with patience that all the work will get done.


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