nurture yourself

'people often say that this or that person has not found himself.  but the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.' 
-thomas s. szasz

today has got me thinking about health, and how important it is to create the best version of yourself you possibly can!  and why not?!  why not look and feel your best?  it might require a bit of effort at first, but within weeks it will be second nature.  enjoy your body, love it for what it is; and at the same time prepare it for the future you.

i am somewhat young, but i won't be for long.  the 40 year old version of me already exists and is being determined by the 27 year old present me.  the habits i form, the stress i endure, the ingredients i pour into my body- they each leave a footprint.  every breath i take counts, and if i'm not present in it, my youth is just passing me by.  

i mentioned in my last post that the hayley of the future is often more important than the hayley of the now.  as the new year approaches, i am dwelling more and more on this concept.  i have such big plans for my future, but if i allow my mind and body to remain unchecked, my future may not turn out the way i plan.

each little seedling of thought, the stories i tell myself about myself, the foods i feed me, they all count for something.  yes, i can try to clean them up when mistakes are made, but the best cure is prevention.

constant monitoring of what we digest is HUGE.  actually, i think it's everything.  it's the goal of my life, to be aware of all that goes into my body, mind, and spirit. 

2011, i got my eye on you!  won't you join me in the new year with the resolution of awareness- staying in the moment while planning for the future and letting go of the past?

today, i inhale and exhale.  little goals float amongst the breath, but the main goal is the witnessing of my beautiful give and take with the air of the universe.


  1. hey girl!
    i totally hear you on this one! travis and i were cookie'd out so we gave up sweets for the next 3 months, and if we want to go longer we can. we did the same thing at the beginning of the year and it lasted a really long time, i think 4-5months maybe even 6! it was great. i am also getting back to more raw food and also no meat :) basically more of a vegan thing i guess. im pumped up! so far its day 3 no sweets and im tapering myself off from the processed stuff.
    also, i was thinking about not buying any "new" items for 2011, which would mean, no new clothes/things for the house/whatever....just food and toiletries and art supplies and ebooks for my kindle reader. the only clothes or things i would allow myself to buy would be from a secondhand store:)
    i just want to try it, and see if i can do it for a whole year, and see how much money i save! i think it will be a fun project :) and challenging. i think it will help me focus on other things besides materialistic things.
    did u ever watch the documentary "No impact man"? it was really cool, only he tried not to produce any waste for a year, no new clothes, no starbucks, no bags, no toilet paper, just riding bikes and putting ur scraps in a compost pile , and eventually they turned there power off. it was cool, i dont think i would want to go to that extreme, but it opened my eyes about a lot of things.
    also, before christmas when i was out doing my shopping, the rows of made in china crap just made me so sad. so i think thats what triggered this not buying thing. hehehe i wil keep you posted :) i have one thing on my list to buy before 2011, and its a teakettle and then thats it, im cut off!!!!!!!
    have a wonderful day!
    peace love!



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