i love siggi's!

"the belly rules the mind."

i am in love with this yogurt, and with the story behind the brand siggi's.

it's sooo tasty, creamy, and loaded with protein too!  plus, it's only made from grass fed cows and sweetened with agave nectar.

iceland native, siggi hilmarsson, is an entrepreneur after my own heart!  he started making yogurt in his nyc kitchen in 2004, began producing more on a small farm in upstate ny a year later, and then started selling his delicious yogurt at farmer's markets. from there he sold at local grocery stores in nyc and brooklyn, got some samples sent to whole foods... and the rest is history!  now i can buy siggi's at stop and shop on sale right now, 2 for $4.  what an inspiring man and an amazing grassroots story!

siggi with his yogurt

aw the creamy goodness!

check out siggi's here --> SIGGI'S YOGURT!


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