monday meditation.

"a woman ceases to be a beginner in any given science and becomes a master in that science when she has learned that she is going to be a beginner all her life." -robin g. collingwood

good morning my lovely people.  happy monday.  monday's are awesome because they are a fresh start, another chance at perhaps having the most loving, conscious, and open week of our lives!

surya namaskar- sun salutation.  a beautiful sequence for beginners and experts alike:

tadasana- mountain pose.


uttanasana- forward fold.

rise up with a flat back.

plank pose- utthita chaturanga dandasana.

push-up pose- chaturanga dandasana.

upward facing dog- urdhva mukha savasana.

downward facing dog- adho mukha savasana.

forward fold.

standing backbend.

samasthiti- joyful pose, anjali mudra- hands in prayer, offering your intention to the universe!

this weekend led me to discussions among friends and thought processes afterwards of what it is to be a beginner.  

i feel that the beginning is often the most difficult part of anything.  it is fully challenging to start a new healthy lifestyle diet, to begin an exercise regime, to pick up a musical instrument, to think positive, etc etc etc a million times over!!!  there is always something new to learn in this life!

when just beginning something it's not really 'fun' yet.  it's hard and unnatural, unfamiliar and daunting.  so at the beginning we really must be our toughest and bravest.  in the beginning we see what we're really made of, and draw from the innate infinite strength we don't even realize we have until the time calls for it.

AND we can't understand how beautiful, sacred, and satisfying this strength is until we try something new.  so in order to be happy we have to leave our 'comfort zone' (i like to call everything my comfort zone, i just don't know it yet!) and take the risks and humility involved with being a beginner.

what new beginnings am i working on?  i'm waking up earlier/becoming a morning person (and going to bed earlier- man it's rough!), getting another yoga class going, thinking more positively, working harder everyday/following a schedule, and planning on doing more trunk shows and more wholesale to further expand my business!

however in these beginnings it is so important to not forget how much we need to nurture ourselves.  our bodies and spirits need a little more care and attention- perhaps even rewards to get through the challenges.  a massage, a yoga/mediation practice, a small gift for you from your favorite local store, extra hugs from your loved ones, a nice nap, time out to make cookies, whatever it is that delights and slightly spoils you (to even out the pendulum hehe).  

so here's to beginners!  we all start from somewhere small to build up to the greatness we envision for our lives.  what new beginnings are YOU encountering and where is your journey taking you??

i love you my readers!  i support and embrace your new open-hearted endeavors!

and.... happy birthday to my beautiful mummy!  the one that created my ultimate new beginning <3  


  1. Love looking at pictures of you doing yoga. Such grace and beauty. Looking strong Hayley!

    Cheers to new beginnings! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.

    Happy Spring. Love, Brad

  2. thank you brad! so much love to you! thanks for coming by my blog! namaste <3

  3. What a beautiful Monday to you too. I love seeing all the yoga posses. I just love starting my day with a little meditation too. I wish I had time for some yoga too. Can't wait for Friday. Namaste, Sheryl<3

  4. see u friday sheryl! thanks so kindly for reading my blog! much love <3



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