how do i wear my purusha?
(and some exciting news, and a little synergy designs shout out!)

hello honeys.  well, it's another rainy day in connecticut.  i think we're on day 6 of rain?  ughhh...  

sun, i love you.  please come back to me, i will dance and drink in your shines!

SO, in the photo above and below i am wearing some beautiful earrings made by synergy designs.

me and my friend cristine at synergy did a little trade- i made her some pants and she made me a beautiful custom made necklace and a pair of amber bead earrings!  i'm not usually a big jewelry person, because i just never end up wearing it!; but these jewels feel so natural and look gorgeous without being too much.  

you know what i mean ;)  aren't they so pretty?

and cristine made me the necklace i've been dreaming of- a simple gold ring on an amber beaded chain, a reminder of eternity and the cycles of life.  I LOVE IT!  been wearing it every day! :)

what else... these pants above!  do you like them?  i'm thinking of selling some like them in my purusha shop, but they are wee bit expensive for me to get (so kinda expensive to sell- they're modal, high quality, and made in the usa.) i love them and feel kinda, hehe hot, in them ;).

they are soo soft and have an extra wide waistband you can fold down like a skirt.  pretty!

here i'm wearing an old h & m cardigan i screen printed 'nirvana nirodhah' , or heaven and enlightenment, on the right shoulder.  get your own here!

AND some awesome news i want to share with you all!

starting next wednesday, every wednesday, i'll be doing a purusha giveaway!!!  

what?!  don't know why i didn't think of this sooner!  i love sharing my clothing with people that love wearing it!  so i am honored and grateful to give one free item to a winner drawn at random once a week!  

all you have to do next weds is 'like' purusha people on facebook, follow purusha on twitter, and write a comment on the giveaway post.  i'll re-explain it all next week, don't worry!

next wednesday i'll be giving away these pants:

yay!  i am excited to show my love for my purusha people :).

talk soon :)  xoxo.


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