how do i wear my purusha?

good day!  how are you precious people?

liam and i just wanted to say hello, and share a few thoughts with you!

today i am wearing purusha's frank lloyd wright tank top :).  

i do love fashion, but in my life honestly i have to keep it simple.  i used to love putting together "outfits" when i was younger- paying attention to every little detail- the shoes, jewelry, coat, etc....

but these days i don't have the time, and, ha, i don't really give a crap ;).  i think i look better with less, and it makes me uncomfortable to be toting around a boatload of material possessions.  a good wardrobe, in my opinion, consists of awesome and practical basics, with just a few trendy pieces thrown in from time to time.

and the pants i'm wearing-thrifted!  i really do find some of my best clothes from the salvation army for literally under $5.  plus, i do not want to support stores like the gap, wal-mart, anthropologie (ehh hurts to say it- this store has beautiful stuff), etc etc- pretty much any chain store- because they make their clothing overseas with child labor and/or unfair wages, terrible working conditions, and horrendously long hours.  clothing from these places literally contains some poor person's blood, sweat, and tears- no thank you.

this is one of the huge reasons i started purusha- to change the standards of the fashion industry, to bring some transparency to how the clothing got to you (from field to factory to store), and to recognize that how you choose to spend your $ is your voice to humanity.  

i mean, as of now we are demanding more knowledge about our food- where it's grown, how it's grown, is it local?  why not raise our awareness about clothing as well?  it is as much a part of us as food- we wear it on our bodies.    

we live in a monetary world, and money talks- don't you want your voice to be heard?  i know i do!!! i don't have a lot of money, but i can say i try to make that money serve what i believe is gratuitous, humane, and worth it.

sometimes i am such a dreamer i have a hard time putting my plans into action- this is a problem for me i am working on.  my dreams are big, but they will only be as big as my actions allow.  i truly long for the day i can hire people to work for purusha- and provide them with a beautiful working environment- clothes made with love for people to wear while spreading love!  this is my vision.

now i must go get to work so my dreams will come true!

thank you my lovely readers for supporting me :)  i wouldn't be anywhere without you.  i love you.    


  1. thank you for always sharing your inspiring words and beautiful work!!! u r an incredibily gifted, talented and amazing woman. keep it up hayley!!! u rock!

  2. You are such a beautiful, inspirational lady. And I love that quote! I agree with you too, I'm all about keeping it simple.

  3. becky- aw i love and miss u so much! where are you these days?! thank you so much for the kind words and support- they seriously made my day! xoxo

    alaina- aw right back at cha! you totally inspire me and youre so lovely- your beautiful doe eyes enchant me! sending you so much love and positivity my dear one! xxx

  4. i dont even know you. i found a picture of your clothes on a friends site and followed the trail to your blog. i needed see an inspiring, beautiful, positive woman following her dreams, taking action to make it reality and taking a stand for how you feel. Your clothes are BEAUTIFUL and simple is sexy. I too hate to tote around a bunch of accessories ha! Thank you! i am so glad i found your blog. you now have a new reader and possibly a new customer!! ~Joy

  5. joy,

    oh my goodness your comment made my week!

    thank you SO much for being so sweet and supportive. :) :) i am really so so grateful for my readers and my customers, because i would not be able to be on this journey without you! thank you!!

    i am so glad you like my clothing and what i have to say here on my blog. this really is my goal in life- to share my passion and my vision, and to have others understand and exchange ideas of love and beauty <3.

    it would be my pleasure to make clothing for you, and i am honored i have a new reader.

    wishing you so much love and peace joy!




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