monday meditation.

"the most shocking fact about war is that its victims and its instruments are individual human beings, and that these individual beings are condemned by the monstrous conventions of politics to murder or be murdered in quarrels not their own." ~aldous huxley

good morning to my fellow human beings!

this weekend and today have me thinking about our interconnectedness and our free will.  we are all the same species and have almost identical dna, yet we are each so unique and special, offering such different perspectives on life and on the world.

today osama bin laden is dead, at least the media tells us.  what do i feel?  to be honest, when i first heard last night, i felt nothing.  no joy or sadness, almost blank.  a life has been taken; a fellow human that hurt fellow humans has now been decided by humans to be killed.  yet other terrible, evil, and manipulative people continue to live.  who decides and who/what should we believe??

i truly feel that some of life's quandaries are just that- questions we won't ever be able to answer, mysteries to forever remain unsolved.

the best we can do is never stop asking these questions, never stop thinking for ourselves and developing our own theories and ideas.

otherwise, what it the point in being alive? if we can't steer and control our own minds, we may as well be asleep, or sleepwalking.

why let someone else do the thinking for you?  by doing so we give up the ultimate gift of this human body- our conscious changeable minds!

so today i am thinking for myself- gathering up all the plausible evidence i can find and drawing my own conclusions, or realizing there is no conclusion.

flip your perspective upside down!

and you know what?  sometimes, actually most times, I JUST DON'T KNOW.  and that's ok- better than sticking to an opinion i sorta think to be true and building my ego on a castle of sand.

so my earth mates, my fellow individuals, today i encourage you to find the answers for yourself.  let your own experiences, your own love for life and for others, and your openness to new ideas guide your body and mind.

and don't ever give up your free will to decide what's right for you.  this is the one thing NO ONE can take away from you.

so, please today my dears, take back that tremendous power to think for yourself!!!    


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