opening up.

my amaryllis opened today.  so beautiful right?  just what i needed to see this morning against the grey winter sky.

i'm looking at this flower like a sign for the time of my life i'm in right now.

we're all growing, evolving, blossoming more and more with each breath.  though the sky is grey and sometimes it's very cold, we remain on our paths to open up our perfect petals.

all we have to do is focus on the blooms.  why even have a negative thought?  easier said than done, i know, but maybe that doesn't have to be the case.  maybe it's so simple to just open up and focus on the colors and the brightness that we don't need to give it a deeper thought.

we can be programmed to think differently. we've all experienced this before when changing our mind about something.  now we just have to change it about those pesky unnecessary closed minded thoughts.

and the method to this way of reflecting only on the good?  meditation.  stillness.  slowing down and creating space.

the simplest way of being leads to the simplest ways of thinking.  just 10 minutes a day breathing and watching the thoughts, and all perceptions can be transformed.

i'm turning into an amaryllis!  and so are you <3.  it's just waiting to open up for us today.




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