weekend getaway.

here are a few photos from my weekend in nyc! <3

i'll let the pictures tell the story, 'cause today i just don't have the time to explain it! tehe :)

last week was like the calm before the storm.  the next couple weeks are going to be crazy busy!  with 50+ orders to finish and packing up my whole life to move out west, ah, you can say i'm a bit overwhelmed!

but it's all good.  hard work is satisfying and california is worth it.

enjoy :)
nyc jazz fest in soho

the next morning

 best breakfast at balaboosta!  green eggs!

 pat's favorite guitar store rudy's

quick visit to long island to spend time with patrick's grandpa and uncles

pat, grandpa, mother :)

hope you have a beautiful peaceful day!  


  1. Oh sweet sister!! How nice to Pats grandpa. Funny picture of him at the bottom here! Looks like you guys had a good time. It's fun to visit the big city every now and then - theres so much to do!
    That breakfast spread looks amazing. It's a feast for a king!

    I know your about to get slammed with busy-ness. I'm wishing you guys well. Lets be in touch about everything. So much going on for you guys. Just know I'm here with open arms waiting for you three and I wanna help in any way possible. Looks like chris and I will be getting that little place on the big land!! I went running up there yesterday to think deeply if it's the place for me and I saw a beautiful coyote looking at me and I thought thats it! I will drive the extra distance to live in solitude. Can't wait for you three to be with us there!!

    Lets talk soon. Working all day. I hope your health is back and your feeling strong! xoxo
    Your lil sis



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