nature is here for you.

yesterday patrick, liam, and i took a peaceful walk around the more mesa and went down to the ocean, near kate's house.

amidst all my worries of our future apartment, wildfires, mountain lions, earthquakes, the winding roads of west camino cielo, not being able to work and dying to get back to it, missing CT, will we or won't we have enough money for this and that, should we buy a gun, is liam losing his vision, etc a million times over... the beauty of the natural world awaits to soothe the soul. it was nice to be reminded yesterday that the big reason we ventured our west was for natural beauty and to be close to the ocean. we can always return to what's simple and true, and find that peace always waiting for us, outside.


  1. This is such a weird comment, but your hair loves the beach. Seriously, you have such perfect beach hair. Beyond jealous.

  2. Your little sister.February 24, 2012 at 5:54 PM

    Beautiful pictures!! Love em!



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