a home in the mountains.

hey everybody!!!! missed you! hope you're doing awesome!

this morning i write my blog from a dappled sunlit table, drinking a fresh strawberry smoothie and sweet basil mint tea. aaaaah :). i'm spoiled!

so guess what?! we have a home again! it feels so good.

we are mountain people now! this is the unbelievable view we have off our porch. waking up to this each day is so inspiring, like i want the beauty of my life to match the beauty of our landscape.

everyday is gorgeous. this morning i said to patrick, 'it's really beautiful out today, again.' i don't think i could ever tire of the brilliant loving sunshine.

our home is like an oasis, totally removed from the world up here in the clouds. yet we're only 15-20 minutes from downtown santa barbara, so it's really perfect for us. i can focus on my work in quiet, and i can get my work out there in the mini city just down the hill. i still can't believe we found such an ideal place.

and my sister kate lives sooo close! it's been about 7 years since we've lived near each other. i've missed my lil sis, and am beyond happy to be together again.

this is us in my backyard. not kidding. you just hike a short trail in our backyard and you end up with the most beautiful views of santa barbara.

a peace sign rock.

patrick calls this photo pathro tull.

our very own rock garden playground, just minutes from our house.

playing on the trail!

there's a swing on the property! wooo!

and a treehouse!

there's so much more i want to tell you about our home!! but i will save more details for the next couple posts! i'll also show you the inside of our sweet wooden house as soon as it's all set up! we're almost all finished unpacking- just one more trip to our storage unit and that's it. yippee!

i'll leave you with 2 clips of patrick playing the bansuri, the first one at our house and the second one at the rock playground.

hope your day is fantastic! sending you love and sunshine from my heart to yours. <3


  1. O love the sound of the Bansuri so. I wish i could listen to it all day..so beautiful and soothing. Patrick has really mastered that instrument too.



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