scenes from the weekend. 

we had a pretty peaceful weekend.

the weather was terrible, cold, and rainy, so all the more reason to be as cozy as possible! we took a few beach walks and a hike with kate earlier in the week. and watched A TON of dragonball Z and shark tank. haha.

patrick and i made the best breakfast of all time yesterday- toasted bread with bacon wrapped around it and an egg inside! it was fantastic!!! i'm still thinking about it... ;)

today i am merrily back to work on my next batch of purusha orders. some days i feel so refreshed and ready to create clothing, and blessed to be doing so. i'm working on my business plan too, figuring out the next steps i need to take to grow purusha people! i'm also cruising around craigslist trying to find our new apartment. i really don't want to move again, but today, i'm just keeping it positive. we're going to find an even better home and life will just keep getting brighter everyday. there is nothing to be afraid of. that's for sure.

i'm SUPER excited too, cause this weekend we're doing to LA's fashion district. i am going to be all over the garment factories and fabric shops. eeee!!!

hope you're having a glorious day! much LOVE!


  1. So great to c these pics and hear what you've been up to! Looks like u had a cozy weekend and some good suppers in the cooler mountain spring weather. R warm spell is over for a we have the cold and wind with all the beautiful daffodils and flowering trees out! Oh wells, can' hardly wait to come a visitin' next month and hug u all.....till April... I heart u, mummie

  2. You make even the dreariest coldest days look pretty! Lovely pics.
    You guys look so cute! It's hard for me to get going after a relaxing weekend. Glad your energized and right to it. Motivating sis!
    Glad your feeling positive about the move to come too. Thats the best way to see it. Something better will come around :)
    Of too work for the evening. I'll call you tomorrow. Maybe beach walk/hike and farmers market? If ya wanna come down the mt!!
    xoxo sis.



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