the happy cabin in the woods!

we sure love it here! look at how cute our little swiss cabin is! it really is like a retreat staying here for the month. though pat and i are still working as usual, we have this nice refreshed mentality on life. we are 7,000 feet up and surrounded by tasty scented pines and roosters crowing, and no cars or crazy landlords!

the pine cones here are HUGE!

there are miles and miles of trails right outside our door. i've been running every day with kiyoe, inhaling the positive air and energy all around. because of the high altitude the runs are tiring! and i am quite thirsty all the time. it's kinda a cool feeling though, all light headed and dizzy! it almost makes me feel like i can take life more lightly as well...

the front door.

the spacious living room with a fireplace. patrick and i have been saying, we could really get used to having all this space... it's freakin awesome!

beware, liam tries to make an appearance in most photos. ;)

a sweet lil organ patrick has been jamming on nightly. we were so pleasantly surprised when we walked in to this instrument the first night we got here!

loving the double oven!

and the vintage wallpaper! in love! totally inspired to make pants with this pattern.

love the open kitchen. we've had some grand meals here the past few nights.

holy cow- so much room!!! i can do all my work on this awesome dining room table! wahoo!!!!

patrick working and liam with his bone. ;)

where i'm sitting typing right now!

the sweet big deck we eat lunch on.

the sunroom i've been doing yoga in.

the bedroom we chose. there's another rockin' bedroom too! but i chose for us to sleep in this one 'cause i like the lattice work over the bed.

we find ourselves still sharing one sink in here. ;) hehe.

here he is again!

 and the fires we've had at night! so cozy!!! we really could get used to this. :)

so this is where i am for the month of may. and we couldn't be happier after all we've been through at our last place. aaaah. hallelujah!!!

hope you have a magical love filled weekend! i'll be practicing sewing and visiting all the thrift stores up here! there's like 5 of 'em! my mind is just spinning thinking of all the treasures i might find...

much love and goodness to you!


  1. OOOH!! It looks beautiful!! So glad to see it. How cozy!! So much room!! Would love to run there. Looks so beautiful. Enjoy all the trails. Enjoy it all! xoxox Miss you!

  2. Hells - I LOVE your blog. I am ceaselessly inspired by your fearlessness, your commitment to beauty and art, and how much fun you have.
    I've been doing yoga and meditation this year and am always happy to read your thoughts and on-going struggles.
    Glad your having fun in Cali and keep the beautiful photos coming. Hope to see you some day soon and meet Patrick too.

  3. awww! i love love your little swiss cottage! so fun! glad you are enjoying your new digs....i am reading ur blogs backwards to catch up, so im not sure what bad experience your referring to yet.....but it looks like your havin fun now!!!
    much love,

  4. sister, it's beautiful, but i miss you!!! see u this weekend! xo

    kelu! so so happy you are reading my blog! makes me SO happy!!! awww i love you! :) thank you so much for the kind words and support, and for saying im fearless!!! AH! i wish! awesome youve been practicing yoga and meditation. feels so nice doesnt it? oh i will keep the photos coming! for sure! i would love love love to see u someday soon, and for u to meet pat. i have a feeling you would get along just great with your amazingly quirky senses of humor.... talk soon! xo xo

    rachael!! i am so glad to hear from you! i was thinking about you actually the other day.. and wondering how you are! i check in on your blog sometimes, crossing my fingers for an update! how's the engagement going? come visit me in CA?! and let's all run thru sprinklers?! lol. xo xo xo



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