tomorrow sometimes the prospect of tomorrow is what gets you through the day. i feel happy that there's always, most likely, tomorrow. now tomorrow is today, and today is so good :). i'll be screenprinting all day and going to the beach tomorrow for a lil purusha photoshoot with solomiya! finally i'll get to post some new items on etsy! every etsy customer gets a personalized note :) i want to start including a free yoga bra with every purchase over $50 soon! purusha's new earth mandala t-shirt coming soon!


  1. I just found your shop on etsy.. I love all of the yoga wear.
    I'm definitely wanting to buy the mermaid yoga pants, I keep going back to look at them everytime I'm online.
    When do you think this shirt will be up? Can't wait to add it to my favorites.

    Keep up the great work!

    --natalie, Lafayette, La

  2. ooooooooh I love this. I was just thinking I wish I had an Earth Day shirt. sounds silly, but it is true. And of course I would wear this on more occasions. Seriously, I want one. I'll be in CT as of June 8th, a few days shy of Hayley's birthday. Will you save me one and the fern painting?

  3. natalie, the shirt is up on etsy now! thanks so much for checking out my shop! xoxo

    lis,of course ill save you a tee and the painting!! that would be awesome! and id love to see you around my b-day :) would you want a size small? miss u!!! sending you love!



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