flying pigeon!

i just realized i can do a low flying pigeon pose today! kathryn budig explains how to do it with such ease and playfulness in this video: movement and mandala vinyasa .

i've been working on this asana for a while, it feels AMAZING to do it! like flying!!!!


  1. Amazing!!! Pigeon is one of my favorite poses. I can't wait to try this one tonight :)

  2. NICE! I'm still working on that one!

    - Amanda

  3. you go girl! i can't wait until i can do something fancy like that!!! :)
    have a wonderful day, and check out my new blog! and vote for a painting!

  4. yeah it's so fun!! i think tho i might have pulled something. my hips are killin today :( too much too soon i think...

    it's all about the bending of your arms, the closer your face is to the ground the better. i couldnt do it until i really bent em!

    rachel, love your blog! xo



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