busy me

today's featured item: the 'it was all a dream' t-shirt on etsy!

i am learning how to be very busy, and trying not to let it stress me out!

it's a good challenge!  i've honestly never really worked this hard on anything in my life.  it's totally rewarding- like raising a child.  i can't wait for purusha to grow up and blow up!!!

me cutting rags for my utensils when i mix paint for screen printing.  did you know i mix all my own colors from only the primary colors?! thanks mom for showing me how to paint :) :)

see my mother's artwork here: catherinemelliott.com

screen printing.... immediate results are fun!

and my down time includes yoga with my new yoga mirror!  it's awesome to check out my alignment! 
 i love it. 

working on making my back more flexible and my heart more open. :)

headstands are a pleasure!

now i am going on a run, then screen printing and dying into the night....


  1. your moms artwork is stunning!!! i love it, love it love it!! what a creative family!!



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