my practice

i am falling in love with my practice- it truly is a luxury to be able to take the time to take care of myself.  i am so thankful for my life.

i recently found i can do full pigeon- aka pada rajakapotasana!  thanks to the help from this amazing class by the incredible elena brower:
it is so much fun to watch your body grow and change with yoga.  i used to have such a stiff back, and slowly but surely it is beginning to bend just slightly :).  awwww yeah.
(me in purusha sweatpants! hehe)

down dog- adho mukha savanasana- deepens at the end of the day <3


  1. magnificently wonderful!

  2. thank you, i feel magnificent when i open my heart :)

  3. lets just say i made a humble attempt to try that back bend my demise, my foot and my head were no where close together, not even in the same city, hahahaaa.
    getting ready to go to my wednesday yoga class, and after that, i am going to check out the hugest thrift store i have ever seen!! yaya!
    have a beautiful day sunshine!

  4. rachel- i has taken my SO LONG to get my back to bend even slightly... i have a very unflexible back! just practicing back bends daily the past few months has helped tremendously. just doing something everyday, practicing something a couple hundred times.. haha well that's the key to progress! there are some helpful lil tricks too to get into this pose... i have to really warm up first too. hope youre doing awesome love! xoxo

  5. wow i cant type.. IT has taken ME so long hehe



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