"all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast."

mornings are sweet; with my buddy boy dog, a little citrus to be juiced, and blueberry siggi's!


  1. I love the design of your blog!! It's great!

  2. hmm i love grapefruit! These pictures together kinda look summerish :)
    Also I gotta try that siggis. You know im not crazy for yogurt, but this one looks like something I gotta try!

  3. aw thanks friends!

    i had to snap some pics- grapefruit looks soo beautiful (doesnt taste as beautiful as it looks imo! haha!) try the siggi's ! xo

  4. love the water background!
    i was at the health foods store yesterday and looked for siggis but they didnt have it.
    what is so different about it? is it made form dairy or other? im going to google it right now...

  5. heh thank you rach :) siggi's- i buy mine at stop and shop, but i dont know if you have stop and shop in ohio? whole foods should have it too. it is made from dairy, but gmo free and cruelty free dairy- cows from upstate ny.. it is just super creamy and clean tasting!!! xoxo



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