a day in the life of purusha
part 5!

hello my loves!  hope you are enjoying your week so far, and getting enough YOU time in!

so this is my last post on the order process of purusha!  yay!

i haven't posted or been on the computer really the past few days- our internet was down and i've been super busy preparing a few new items to bring to california with me!  i'm leaving tomorrow for santa barbara, to visit my sister, my bff col, and some more dear friends :)  i'm going to try to get some awesome shots of some ladies in a few new purusha styles, so stay tuned! 

so this is what i have been up to recently, and always really :)  working on orders!

after the dyeing, i sew my hand carved hand stamped tags on the clothing!  see! :

these are the tags i make

i sew 'em on!

ta da!

a bunch of clothes with tags sewn on

next i screen print the purusha logo on all the clothes!

squeegee the paint through!

lots 'o logos!

next is the fun part!  screen printing the designs!  woohoo!

nirodhah nirvana yoga pants print

naomi earth mandala wrap print!

mermaid pants screen- about to push the paint through

like the dyes, i mix primary colors to make my own unique colors!  creating a nice brown here for some sanskrit pants

mix mix mixin'!

i put a stencil down before printing to see where to screen will land!

me screen printing peaceful peacock om shanti pants (like my wrap?! i made it hehe!)

pushing the paint through

the pants are done!

you like?!

and lastly, i heat set all the designs in the dryer, and then tape roll all the fuzz off the clothes. (tape rolling sucks- it can take soooo long!! eh!)

  i fold the clothes up nice, put the tags on, and get the orders all packages in my hand sewn little vintage fabric sleeves!

this is what most orders look like.  and this is my business card!  

and finally, the best most satisfying part- taking the packages to the post office!  wooohoo!

i hope everyone enjoyed my little day in the life blog posts :)  i plan on updating my blog more :)  it's fun, like my journal that i can share with the world!  

i may or may not update my blog while in cali.  we shall see!  

thanks for taking a peak into my life!  i'll be back soon!

xoxo and namaste :).


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