happy st. patrick's day
from ojai!

hello my lovelies!  hope everyone is having a very merry st. pat's day!

my sister and i visited meditation mount today in ojai... this is the beautiful door to peace!

my sis kate hitting the bong hehe

this place is so special.  they have hot tea for everyone all day long!

silhouette of love

sister in the meditation space

under the great wings of non-judgement

yoga mat + tea = heaven

the meditation path

the bees here are very happy!

nataraja in progress

pincha mayarasana

just playing :)

after some yoga we hiked and ran around cozy dell canyon, ojai.  so gorgeous and serene here!

cutie sister!

look at me look at me!  collecting sage and getting sun poisoning ;)

hot eh?!

my sweet lil girl wearing her purusha avocado tee under an avocado tree!

oh happy day!

now me and some great gals are going out for the night- getting some gourmet pizza and guiness!! 

i feel like i've got so much luck today.  thanking the universe we are celebrating tonight!  


  1. oh my, thats the most beautiful picture of Love, Peace and Happiness.....OOOO Ojai

  2. you are surrounded by such blissful places!!! take me take me!!! haha looks like a whole heck of a lot of perfectness is goin on with you gals!
    love it!
    p.s. i put the shippy charm on a necklace the other day...i will have to take a pic and send it to ya, it looks sweet! thanks lady!



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