meditate on the ocean

"i am you, you are me.  you are the waves; i am the ocean.  know this and be free, you are divine."
 - sri sathya sai baba

happy monday my loves!  it is officially spring in new england, but you would never know it!  the sun is shining, but it's still brrrrrr cold!!

i am happy to be home, back to my routine, but i really really miss california.  the coast is so soothing on the soul, and there certainly is a divine power within every crash of the waves.  

the sun finally returned on my last full day in santa barbara.  my sister kate and i welcomed it with open minds and hearts!

my lil gil ;)


me by the sea!

beach combers feeling free


look at these tiny shells.  nature never ever fails to inspire and awe!

i remember how small i am each time i travel, each time i view the ocean.

ocean life can look so prehistoric!  we all come from the same place- the water :)

salt water + fresh air + sunshine = pure bliss

i could stay here forever...

basking in the love of my sweet angelic sister

true love <3

we must leave the sea ...

i love and miss the pacific ocean, but i must remember it is all the same ocean.  all the water flows into the sea eventually.  california coast wait for me!  i'll be back! 

"the cure for anything is salt water- sweat, tears, or the sea."
 - isak denesin (saw on colleen's fridge!)

this evening as i go for my run and practice yoga i will be meditating on the oneness of us all.  we have so much more in common than we have different and love follows us each wherever we may go.  locations change, the tides rise and fall, but our spirit and soul stays the same- eternal and limitless  like waves of salt water.


  1. magnificent and magical are these passing times on the beach..i smile with joy as i gaze upon these moments, although fleeting, are gathered together and treasured in our hearts forever. just lovely!!



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