my life's little luxuries

"in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.  for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning is and refreshed." - kahlil gibran

happy friday my sweet sweet friends!  hope this day finds your heart open and renewed!

sorry i have been a bit mia on my posts the past few days.  i found myself with so much to do since i've gotten home wednesday morning!  i am trying my best to prioritize, and as much as i flippin' love writing in my blog, i just haven't been able to buckle down because other events in my life have taken center stage.  but here i am now, back writing and sharing with all you, the people i love.  thank you for reading about my thoughts and adventures <3.

i still have so so much more to express about my vacation in california last week and weekend!  whenever i travel i feel so rejuvenated and fresh, like a new piece of paper waiting for a story to be written on it!

so my next few blog posts will be about my travels, about my thoughts while on the west coast and the new perspectives i find when i come back east.  it is a funny thing, everytime i travel to california i feel a stronger and stronger pull to stay.  like a magnet, this invisible strength is steadily demonstrating to me that there's a force there that i can't ignore.  i  feel like i find a lot of myself while with my sister and my best friends, adding pieces to this complex puzzle that is my being.  connections and opportunities present themselves to me each time i visit the left coast, but they also inspire me to find more of these missing pieces in my life here at home.  i'm of course the same person wherever i go, but i'm beginning to see i could use a change of perspective, even temporarily.  we shall see what happens!

so this past week i've been feeling what i usually feel, extremely lucky for the hand i've been dealt in this life.

i've had the pleasure of my sister cooking for me one night in santa barbara:

kate has the heaviest pot to cook in!


silly cute girl. 
 she cooked wild rice and lots of veggies- just threw it together and it came out awesome!

my lil sis takes care of the sweetest lady a few days a week- janice.  she's got a few disabilities, but her optimism and great sense of humor more than balance it out!  she's a love, and is always saying "you should move here!.", and " i called the airline and changed your flight, you're staying another week!"

she took us out for a delicious lunch at spiritland bistro in santa barbara.  i got the plate called 'california dreaming'.. such yumminess- wild salmon, rice, and veggies with kale and a ginger dip!  kate and i also shared a nice big pot of equilibrium tea- a balancing blend of herbs that poured out violet colored!  amazing!

my beautiful sister

sweet, loving, and generous jan :)

lil ol' me eating and enjoying life.

wow what a blessed woman i am- after lunch i got an incredibly sensuous and nurturing massage from linnea, kate's illustrious roommate and our good friend <3 !  she has such a powerful touch, and leaves me feeling like a little baby just being born!  i traded her some purusha people clothing for the rubdown.  not too bad eh?!

if you live in the santa barbara area i would highly recommend linnea villagas massage therapy!  book your healing session at

my funny women <3  love them so much!  dancing around the holy massage table!

AND, to top off all these awesome luxuries, i got another massage when i returned home to collinsville yesterday, for a second trade of purusha yoga wear!  WOW!!! this was just what i needed after a long flight and to remain open to new beginnings here at home.

if you live in the farmington valley area go get a massage with corey at massage for you!  she has the most beautiful peaceful space, and massages with awesome aromatherapy and hot stones!  corey adds her own
creative touches to her sessions, including a tibetan bowl she plays on your heart that vibrates and heals your entire body!  check her out at !  

i can definitely say i feel cleansed and new after all this TLC i've been receiving this past week.

i hope all of you are taking time out of your busy lives to receive and give love and tenderness!  have a peaceful weekend!  


  1. wow girl, sounds like you had an amazing time!!! and yes, i like me my massages! i just got one not too long ago, a hot stone one, it was awesome and oh so wonderful...i always look drunk after a massage, all googy eyed and grinning from ear to ear haha.
    glad to hear you are enjoying life :)

  2. hello my love!

    aw thanks so kindly for reading my blog and commenting! yes yes such a good time rachael. i want to move to california so much! aaaww massages- a little piece of heaven arent they?!

    how are you? hows lil romeo- he looks sooo precious! the friendship between woman and dog- nothing like it! im so happy you have a sweet buddy! lots of love to you you inspirational woman!! xoxo

  3. Great post Hayley! When ya moving to Cali?
    Ain't nothing better then sisters ;)



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