my job part 1

i am so blessed to work for myself and create what i love on the daily!  i have so much gratitude for my awesome and kind customers on etsy :) :)  without you i would still be waitressing!

starting today i'm going to be sharing with you a week in my life!  i'll be posting what i'm working on everyday, showing the step by step process of creating purusha orders!  

my lil order table- tagging, stamping, order book...

the first day of work on a new batch of orders i kinda "get to know" the customers that i'll be working on.  i put together individual little notes and tags, so i can put an order to a name in my mind.  each customer gets a note; and each garment gets a customized paper hang tag as well as a hand stamped fabric tag inside the item.  next, i write out all the customer addresses in my address book and then write the addresses on the envelopes.  and finally, tonight after i go for my run and practice some yoga i will sew the little bags the orders go in from vintage fabrics! 

pat came in to photograph me at work and got me cracking up!  it was hard to get a decent looking shot!  and he was running late to work (as usual...).

thought it might be better if i just covered my face! hehe 

by the time i finish this first part of work, i usually know pretty well what i will be creating and who it's for! 

tomorrow i will be dyeing the garments!  come check back here then for some fresh photos!  

hope everyone is enjoying this sunny very crisp day (you might call it cold).. just think, it's gotta be one of the last chilly days at the end of this long winter!  keep your eyes out for signs of spring!  

much love!


  1. You look like mom in the last picture.

    Busy girl! Looks great :)

  2. hehe yes i do look like mom . see u soon baby!!!



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