a day in the life of purusha part 2

hello my lovely friends!

today i did not get a chance to start dyeing the orders!  i planned on it, but some unexpected errands came up that took up most of the day!  first, i slept in a bit because it is the first day of my moon cycle, and i felt a bit heavy and tired.  this is the great thing about owning your own business- you can actually listen to your body and choose your work hours accordingly!!  such a blessing :)  next,  i had to drive patrick to pick up his car, went to the grocery store for some much needed food, popped by the library for some new reading material (books on t'ai chi and novels by margaret atwood!), went to the bank and then dropped off our rent check!  i got home and made lunch, then took liam out on his run at the reservoir.  

when i got home i remembered i needed to post my one of a kind tuesday garment on my etsy shop!  so i screen printed this:

i've been loving vibrant warm orangey corals... so this tee came to my mind easily.  i dyed it last week, and printed the rose on it today.  this top is also reversible!  so the rose can be worn on the front or the back :)  see it in my etsy shop here:  orange coral reversible tee

now i am writing this blog (hehe obviously!), after i will answer emails and write back to people on etsy, pay some bills (it's a bill kind of day ! boo!), and then do some yoga as my reward!  i'm going to practice on my own today- as kathryn budig would say, "i'm on ladies' holiday"- so i am going to go within and see what my body needs this evening.  

and as i mentioned above, i am beginning to look into t'ai chi and qi gong, so i plan on looking up some youtube videos on that.  i practiced qi gong everyday while at yandara yoga school in mexico back in 2006 and it felt so empowering and graceful!  i want to incorporate this style of flow into my practice, and into my teaching as well. if anyone knows some videos, classes, or teachers i should check out please let me know!  

by the way, thanks to the awesomely inspiring kathryn budig, i finally got myself into this yesterday:

mayurasana variation

i learned how to do it from this class on yogaglo.com: vinyasa flow march 5th.  it's really much easier than it looks!

kathryn is such an admirable teacher- you can really tell she delights in sharing her yoga knowledge.  she breaks down the poses and keeps the explanations simple, while proposing them in such an easy going no pressure kind of way.  i've learned you just have to keep trying postures over and over again.  the secret is lots of hard work, and there really is no substitute.  

anyways, i will be back tomorrow with more photos of me working on purusha!  tomorrow- i dye! haha!



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