a day in the life of purusha part 3!

hello loves!  hope everyone is having an enjoyable wednesday!

today patrick and i took so many photos of the dyeing process; and i'm not done working yet, so i will write more about this and post even more pictures tomorrow!  so look out!  for now, i hope these photos will satisfy :)

started off my work with this lunch: sustainably fished tuna (or so they say on the can) sandwich with avocado, extra sharp cheese and tomato; and an organic spinach and celery salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar!  oh yeah and some loose leaf genmaicha tea! i feel like i'm kinda a big eater recently- i am always hungry!

me and liam getting ready to dye!

so again as soon as pictures are getting snapped i feel so silly!  HA and wearing this respirator doesn't help! 

me at work!  thanks to my friend katy cluing me on the hazards of dyes, i now always wear this respirator while mixing dyes.  i used to dye with no protection- so bad- i just didn't think of it really.  then i learned a lot of the dyes have metals in them, so it can be dangerous to inhale them!  my dad was nice enough to buy me this lovely little contraption so i don't get cancer!

stirring the bath

i am totally a goof ball, because this picture cracks me up to no end!!  

crow time in full protective gear!

and this is what i look like without my handy contraption on ;)

and now liam has been moping around (you can tell in the photo above!) so i have to take him out on his run! it is hard to run everyday- but i really do it because it makes my guy sooo happy and i end up usually feeling pretty happy while i'm out there too <3

i'll be back tomorrow with some more awesome photos!  have a peaceful evening!


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