part  4!

good afternoon dear ones!  it is a bit of a dreary day here in connecticut, but a good day to get work done!  i hope you are all safe and warm and cozy!  

this is where i do my dyeing- in our sink.  usually first i have to do all the dishes before i can even start so that can be kinda a bummer!  not too many dishes today though. (i wash the sink out really well when i'm done dyeing, but i still don't like dyeing in the kitchen sink too much.)

drinking loose leaf genmaicha- oh yeah!

while i dye patrick is usually trading.  today is not a good day for the stock market, oil's up and everything else is going way down :( .  pat is worried, and it's getting me worried too.  also, the day of rage is happening in saudi arabia tomorrow, where the people are protesting king abdullah's tyranny; so people aren't sure what will happen tomorrow with oil prices.  i'm kinda scared- we rely on oil for EVERYTHING.  it's so short sighted- sometimes i feel like the world is run by a bunch of rich college kids.

anyways, i must keep trucking along with my work as the world maddens...

these are all the clothes before i dye them :)

liam is such a funny little bunny boy.  i love him SO much- he is the light of my life.  ha here he is laying on top of my book of orders and purusha info.  it's like he thinks if he lays on it, maybe i won't have to work and play instead?!  isn't he precious?!

this is the sink area after i wash the dishes and get everything prepared for dyeing!

these are the dyes i use- only primary colors and i mix em all up to make my own colors!


pouring the salt !!

liam watches, and is patiently waiting for his run...

mixing the dyes

mixing in some lemon yellow !

the green is ready!

add the fabric 

finishing up all the greens

lots going on in every color!

heheh had to throw one more of these in.  deep respirator thoughts here :)

so the dyeing in complete!  i will be screen printing tonight and tomorrow, so i'll post those pics over the next couple days!  

have a beautiful day <3  and don't forget it's almost spring :) !



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