how do i wear my purusha?

cause i wear purusha every single day!  gotta represent!

sporting a full purusha people outfit: 
antique rose wrap, screen printed 'ananda' bliss on my own tank top, whale tale boar's tusk necklace from my college study abroad trip to samoa!, and the NEW byzantium vintage wallpaper yoga pants

i want to dress you all in purusha.  someday... ;)  

lots of love to you out there!


  1. Such comfy looking clothes!! I need to get me some! Beautiful pics!

  2. Hayley! I love your blog! So inspirational and warm, and I love your clothes! I haven't seen you in literally forever, it looks like you're doing so well. I will totally keep up on your etsy, and maybe get me some lovely tie dye bottoms, my sister would love them too. Anyway, just wanted to say hello :)

  3. melissa, my other mother :) thank you- i would be so proud to make you some clothes! xxx

    jess.. ive been loving your blog for a long time- it is flippin sweet! :) you always have really interesting posts!

    thank you so much for the kind words <3 i would be honored to create clothing for you and/or your sis! i love your family- sofia was so sweet to work with at rosedale's :) awesome to hear from you! wishing you much love and goodness <3 xo

  4. aw, so sweet! I posted about Purusha! <3

  5. You are too cute! So gorgeous. I think I'm going to have to order some more Purusha soon!

  6. jess- THANK YOU!! so so nice- i am honored :) <3

    alaina-thank you :) hehe photoshop helps me to look better ;) it would be such a pleasure to make some more clothes for you!! love it! xoxo



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