i like to laugh to make living easier.

good afternoon my sweet thangs <3.  how are y'all doing?!  i hope you are having a merry day!

people are complex.  i realize this more and more everyday as i watch my own complexities.  i think i know who i am to see i have no identity at all, just changing and ever-growing ideas and opinions.  one day i tell myself, 'i'm so funny.  i am goofy and easy going!'  the next day it's raining and i feel, 'i'm serious and emotional, deep and sensitive.'  ha, am i bipolar?!

no, just human.

every day throws different people, events, weather, work/play at you;  and we are expected to live and love with it the best we can.  one thing i find that helps me out tremendously is a pretty simple obvious thing, and isn't it funny that the simple things we tend to overlook?! (it's funny!!)

this little thing, this trick to make living easier, is to laugh.  some of my favorite people on this precious planet are the funniest people i know; and it's not that they have it easy or anything- they just easily and almost effortlessly see the joke underlying the circumstance.

life is like a pendulum.  it's fun and light, sometimes sad and dark.  we know from our own experiences that happiness cannot exist without grief.  good and bad in the material world are inevitable.

so how do we handle riding this rollarcoaster life?  for me, i survive and thrive when i strive for balance. (what a sentence!)

when the heaviness, the fear, the stress is too much we absolutely must look for the small cracks of light trying to shine through.  the light is always there, waiting for you to step out into it.  and light and dark aren't necessarily good and bad, rather they are opportunities to look for the opposite to balance out the scale.

so something negative got you down? try to spot the silliness in it, the shortsightedness, the triviality.  it's there, i promise.  can't find the humor?  watch a funny movie (i'm immature and watch stepbrothers a lot), call/get together with a humorous loved one, start laughing out loud at nothing at all, go to collegehumor.com. whatever it takes, just step one pinky toe into the 'goodness' to begin tipping the scale back to equilibrium.  you know you want to ;)

i myself am fairly sensitive and can get quite serious, but for some reason it's really easy to get a laugh out of me.  the word poop does it, i'll even say it aloud. (yeah i'm still in 5th grade).  i actually used to pee my pants when i laughed too hard when i was young.  it was embarrassing for a while; but as i grew older and still did it people would try to get me to pee and then we'd all laugh even more :).  i have better control over myself now, but i still kinda hope for a laugh so hard someday i'll wet myself.  oh boy.

so today please take a moment to laugh and let loose!  enjoy!  hahaha :) ;)



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