monday meditation.

"i am only one, but i am one.  i cannot do everything, but i can do something.  and i will not let what i cannot do interfere with what i can do.  ~edward everett hale

hello my sweeties.  how are you all on this beautiful sunny monday?

i'm feeling healthy and energetic today, inspired and optimistic for my future.

however, sometimes the world gets me down :(.  i watch the news on al jazeera and bloomberg tv, read about  the economy and the world's lack of peace on numerous websites; and feel the struggle in my own life to pay  bills, decrease my carbon footprint, and plan for the inevitable decline of the dollar.

why are the people in power so greedy and shortsighted?  why doesn't anyone truly "good" and humane reach a position to make a real difference?  where are our heroes?  is it even possible for those in power to do the right thing without getting assassinated?  why is the world this way??

thinking about our home- earth, and the next generations- my children, your children, our grandchildren; we must radically change the way we live.  we can't simply live for the moment, we have to plan for the trillions of moments to come.  living in a sustainable way and taking care of each other as well as the environment is something each of us can do.

as cliche as it sounds, change must start with YOU.  it's true.  there's no other way but to be fearless and live with respect for all beings.

every day we are presented with choices and decisions, and what we decide to do is potentially the seedling for a future flower or a future weed.  

what seedlings are we planting and what will they grow to be?  how can we better prepare for the future?  what small changes can we make?

today i am reflecting on my own life and my impact on the planet.  

i vow to do the BEST i can to live in harmony with all living things.



  1. Haa! I actually just ordered something!! I'm so excited! Do not give me anything, I'll kick your butt. You're stuff is amazing and well worth the purchase.

    Ps I am jealous of your flexibility... hard as I try, I do not at all. haha

  2. aw syd youre the sweetest!!! xxxx hehe im still going to give you a lil extra something <3 and you will take it, no butt kicking! heheh

    haha flexibility.... well im ok at some things, but other things (like back bending especially) i am not so good at!! i pretty much just show off the poses on here that come easily to me! some things though just take time- stretching everyday will make you more flexible! <3



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