monday meditation.

me practicing yoga at people's state park, new hartford, ct.
(it's hard to do yoga in jeans!)

"love one another, but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls." - kahlil gibran

hello my loves!  how are you on this beautiful day?

this weekend i truly felt the love of the world holding me in it's nurturing arms.

patrick, liam, and i took a sunbath this weekend and washed our minds clean!

life is so much easier when we just allow ourselves to love other people for what they are.  whenever i'm scared, worried, anxious, jealous- the only thing that seems to ease those feelings is love.

i watch myself burn up a little inside every time a judging thought passes through my head, and for a moment i am high on my ego.  i feel falsely good about myself, and it takes me a little while to understand that my "happiness" is coming from putting myself on a pedestal above others.  i sometimes think, 'well i practice yoga, i am courteous of others, i don't eat inhumane foods, i feed liam homemade meals everyday, etc etc etc etc'; and i don't even realize that i'm subconsciously building up my ego on traits that have nothing to do with my spirit, my soul.

to bring myself back to earth i simply practice loving more.  rather than focus on what separates us, why not focus on what unites us?  it is almost too simple, and once we make a habit of loving we notice how natural it feels to just love what we are given.  it truly is a win/win situation for both parties- we all receive the love as it comes back to us.

what about those people that just won't love you back in an accepting non-judgmental way?  i say, let them be.  they will find their own path, and sometimes there is just nothing we can do for them at this time.  perhaps they will come back to us later, and they need to figure things out for themselves.  there are so many willing people to love, i feel it is better to share your love with people that are open to it.

i really love my puppos guy liam!

so this week i vow to go forth in love; and fight against my fears, my shortcomings, my ego, my anxiety with this endless supply of warmth and love that is always waiting to burst out of my little heart <3.

i really love my yoga practice- it grounds me.

liam loves being a few steps ahead of us ;)!

i love this man, and i love how he loves others too!  look at him holding this little pup brewster.  <3

keep on loving my dears!  i love you!


  1. love the light in this of my favs so far!

  2. Beautiful post, love! Inspiration. Feeling my love light shining brighter :-)

  3. thank you 'anonymous' hehe ;)

    alaina, you rock :) and you inspire me!! you helped me to see i should blog more- i was noticing how much i looked forward to reading your blog everyday (i dont have too many friends that consistently blog i suppose!), and realized i need to be a little more daily about it. your positivity and enthusiasm is contagious :) heheh i think i love you too <3 thanks for being you!!

  4. Beautiful pics!! Liam get a new collar? He's looking so handsome.

    I agree with you, spreading the love to those who are open to it is such a wonderful thing. It only grows and feels oh so good!

    Keep on loving like you do sista, it will give ya a long heathy life. You inspire me to do the same.

    xoxo. Lil sis.

  5. So much love to you, Patrick, and Liam. Happy Spring!!

  6. thanks my loves!

    sister, pat and i made that collar out of an old belt from the salvation army! coll huh?! sis, i love you so much!! pat and i talk about moving pretty much everyday :) so we will be together! love u!! thanks for reading my blog!

    matt, much love to you too! <3



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