i like to run.

so patrick and i were talking the other day about what else i should write my blog about.  

and pat was like 'why don't you talk about running more?'

i said, 'i don't know!!?'

i really don't know why i don't talk about my running; because i run every day, skipping a day here and there but mostly everyday!  i suppose because running it just like showering or eating to me- it's just so normal i don't even think about it.  liam makes me run, and i'm so thankful for that!  i've been running for about 5 years now consistently.  in my opinion this is the best way to run, in a sustainable way without ever stopping for more than a few days.

i may run everyday, but i'm not like some crazy runner. i did run a half marathon once, and i didn't even train for it!  i run only 3-5 miles at a time, some days more if i'm really feeling it.  i don't put pressure on myself, and like to keep it fun and listen to what my body needs for that day.  i run different routes all the time to keep it interesting and i never run with music.  i enjoy listening to my own breath and talking to liam (and i talk to myself- ha), noticing the scenery.  i even run through the winter, in the snow (in any weather really), and that can be really challenging.  but it's good for me to get out there and bare the elements.  running is a great meditation for me.  

hehe i'm a dork, but a safe lil dork. i always run with weapons just in case.  i run a lot in woods and nature reserves, so i feel better being prepared if i have to fight anything.  i gots a whistle, mase, and a knife :)

wearing: long sleeved tee- purusha people (one of my first tees i ever made!), tank top- c & c california, leggings- michael kores, shoes- vibram.

i love my puppy bunny boy soo much!!  we are so close <3.

i also run in vibram five fingers- they freakin' rock my world and make running so much more fun!  i no longer have knee pain, and feel the entire length of my legs up to my toes working, not just my quads like i did with bulky running shoes.  i recommend them!

and i recommend running.  it is such a natural thing for humans to do with their bodies.  when we used to hunt and gather we walked up to 10 miles a day and sprinted/ran about 2-3 miles.  damn!  

so go get your run on- especially now that it's spring!!  have fun!!!



  1. I love it!! I just got turf toe? from running too much in my vibrams though...or I should say that's the only thing we could think would cause it :( I haven't been out all week and I feel so stressed lol running is an amazing form of meditation!

  2. i have yet to run/hike, etc in my vibrams but very excited for warm weather so i can !!




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