good afternoon my beautiful readers and friends!

today i am reflecting on the circle of love i am held in.  i'm protected, pacified, comforted, and blissful living in the glow of love and kindness from my family and friends :).

lucky me to have such a sweet family to love.

my sister kate is the best, one of my favorite people on earth!  she lives in california so i don't get to see her that often, but i'm hoping that will change if/when pat, liam, and i move to the west coast! woo woo!

one of our favorite things to do together in the evenings is lay in bed and watch old 'are you afraid of the dark?' episodes.  do you remember watching that as a kid on nickelodeon/nick at night?  good stuff!  still kinda scary, but mostly funny.

kate and i get a ridiculous amounts of enjoyment ripping the show apart as we watch- the faulty story lines, the crappy acting, the canadian accents- man it's too easy!

kate and i really love the episode 'the room for rent'.  we got a lot of kicks out of the girl's grandfather hand painting a room for rent sign with no contact info on it.

i have the complete are you afraid of the dark? collection on dvd.. heheh.. but you can watch all the episodes on you tube!  

sisters out there, what do you like to do with your sister(s) or brother(s)?  

i love you kate!  miss you!


  1. AWW!!! Sister! Your so sweet. I felt so happy and grateful reading this and then I cracked up out loud when I got to the picture of the girl (and boyish girl) putting the for rent sign up. Haha! It gets me every time.
    I think about episodes often! I had some really good laughs with you. Your right, it's just too easy to make fun of.

    Love you so much sister. You make me so happy. Thanks for posting :)
    Cant wait to see you in July - or sooner!

    P.S Don't forget the DVDS

  2. love your comment and i love you too sis!!! i will most def bring the dvds heheh ;) see u soon baby girl!!!

  3. You guys are so freakin' cute haha. Alsooo...that was my favorite SNICK show woohoo! Awesome blog, lady

    Pink Chinchilla

  4. i watched that entire episode haha! i love at the end when she says 'nothing is ever lost, it just comes back in a different way.' :-D

  5. Oh my goodness! I LOVE "Are you Afraid of the Dark!" I totally have a couple seasons of the DVD's. Yeah, I still watch that shit. Totally not afraid to admit it either! I'm glad I'm not the only one :-)



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