happy friday!

good day good people!

ah i'm sad- i don't know where my last 2 blog posts went?!  i think blogger is having some issues right now... hopefully they will be recovered!  i really liked the photos in both!

anyways, here are some more fun photos!  today i am listing some slightly imperfect purusha items- purusha seconds i call them.  i offer up some slightly funky items for super low prices!  enjoy :)

i must go now, and hurry!  i have much to do this afternoon in preparation for my man's birthday tomorrow!  sweet baby pat turns 26 :)! 

i don't think he reads my blog too much, so i can tell you my plans!

i'm making my partner patrick his favorite breakfast in bed- bacon and eggs on a bagel with a smoothie and tea!, i am giving him a 2 hour massage (yes 2 hour, because i still owe him a 1 hour massage from christmas! eeehhh!), not sure yet what's going on during the day, and lastly i'm taking him to dinner at barcelona in west hartford- one of our favorite places we don't get to go to too often :).  i'm excited!  

also tonight i'm making patrick a t-shirt with the actual handwritten music notes on it by chopin :)  i hope it turns out ok!  hhmmm what else- oh yeah i'm making him carrot cake cupcakes too!  SO much to do!!!  

happy birthday to patreek! 

hope everyone has such an awesomely sweet weekend.  much love and joy to you all!! xxx 



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