monday meditation.

"if you don't like something, change it.  if you can't change it, change your attitude."
~maya angelou

this is what i am telling myself today, as we somehow now have a rainy season in connecticut.  seriously the sun has been MIA for over a week and it is getting old!  i understand though i have to find that lightness within myself during these dark times, and remember that it is only weather outside my window.  nothing changes because the sun is out, i am still the same person, blue skies or grey.  

it is funny as humans how much we talk about weather and depend upon the weather for happiness (at least i do).  it is beautiful how simple our needs are, and we forget this when we complicate our lives with all the madness we have to do everyday to make it in the world.  but we basically want and need all the same basic things- warmth, sunshine, healthy food, a bit o exercise and fun, and lots of love.  

today i am changing my attitude.  when things look dark and grey, there surely has to be light and colors elsewhere.  i am finding brightness in a hug from a friend, in a run with my boy liam in the misty rain, in screen prints and art, in a backbend yoga pose, in the scent of sage burning in my house right now...

our minds are so powerful, and we can decide to live free or live in prison, and change this perception from moment to moment, breath to breath.  

so today, just breathe.  let your life be uncomplicated and your needs for happiness be simple.  c'mon, it's easy! 

sending you sunshine from my heart to yours.  i love you.  


  1. thank you. those thoughts are sooo true..just what i needed as i complain about the weather in my i will let the sunshine in my heart show.

  2. so glad i could help!! and now the sun is back!! woohoo!! wishing you love and light! xo



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