one of a kind tuesday!

why hello there!  how are you?

unfortunately patrick had to rush off to work before i could ask him to get some photos of me in these hot little shortie shorts!

see them here! ---> new beginnings hot yoga shorts

they are perfect for running, hiking, easy biking, sweaty yoga- whatever your active pleasure!

i promise i will get a photo of me in them asap! :)  these photos just don't quite do the shorts justice i'm afraid!

i love the shorts because you can roll 'em up and make 'em short, or...

you can wear them as is, like yoga bermuda shorts!

the chant on the back always speaks to me- om namah shivaya.  i realize it is dedicated to the god shiva, so i kinda interpret it in my own way, as an atheist/agnostic/whatever you want to call me...

i believe we can find values in myths, and inspiration can still be drawn from stories perhaps we once believed to be true before we knew better.  shiva is the destroyer god, the god of death, hehe the grim reaper in a way!  but i look at shiva more like a symbol of our own opportunities for rebirth while living on this earth.  we can always start over, come clean, and begin again.  hence, new beginnings.  it is never too late to say you're sorry, to offer forgiveness, or to change something you don't like about yourself or your surroundings.  these shorts are a nice lil reminder of our unique power as conscious beings to CHANGE.  ah ;).

i hope you all have a beautiful day, and perhaps let go of something you are holding on to that isn't necessary for you any longer :). 

and please check back here tomorrow for my first purusha giveaway!  woohoo!


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