my dream hero.

hi there my sweets.  how are ya today?!

photo c/o racey tay

so last night i went to bed like any old night, and slept like i usually sleep.  somehow though some special things happened!

at around 5 am i was having a nightmare.  i dreamt that i was in my old bedroom at my parent's house with patrick.  we were sleeping in my bed when early in the morning we saw horses at the window!  i woke up (in the dream) frightened and startled to see horses, and then i became terrified for some reason as they were bumping their noses at the window!  the horses became kinda hysteric and were throwing themselves through the windows, breaking the glass and getting in my room!

photo c/o william dohman

and then once the horses broke through the windows they just ran straight through the house, didn't even stop in my room.  so i wondered, why was i so afraid?  they are just running through, almost like a scene in jumanji. i am wondering today what this dream meant?

then it get's weirder/cooler!  at this moment i was awoken from my dream by patrick, in real life.  he gently shook me and i confusedly exited my subconsciousness and into his conscious embrace.  i was still trembling a bit with fear, as i had just a moment ago almost gotten run over by a horse! 

pat said, 'you woke me up because you were rolling around and moaning in fear.  i felt like i should rescue you from your nightmare, so i woke you up!"

aw.  at that moment i felt so safe.  there is nothing to fear in my dreams and those that love me always have my back ;)  our loved ones are here to help, and every relationship in our lives is a gift.  

and we get what we give.  putting out love and kindness to all the people we meet, whether over the internet or in person, is what life is all about.  the exchange of positive loving energy is really my ultimate passion in everything i do, i am addicted to the affirmation that what i am doing is good and helpful.  

as patrick and i lay in bed this early morn, we also got to hear a chorus of birds outside our window, singing to the sun rising, as part of their loving exchange.  

i kindly thank you for the sharing in my life and my thoughts.  i am so thankful for this gift of love between you and i.  xo

p.s. if anyone has some ideas about what my dream meant, please share!  :) 


  1. hmmm, i love trying to interpret dreams...let's see....horses are strong, powerful, beautiful creatures :) so thats a good thing to dream about. and even though in your dream you thought they were trying to break into your bedroom window to hurt you, maybe they were trying to break free? maybe the horses were the ones that were fearful, afraid of what's outside your window? maybe you are the horse? breaking free?
    do you remember the colors of the horses? were they light colors or dark colors?
    thanks for sharing your dream :) you always make me smile, and think;)

  2. hello baby girl! i love to hear from you, and thanks for reading my lil blog :)

    ok so the horses were dark brown. and i looked up horses in dreams- it seems like yeah it could be my desire for freedom, or breaking through some ideas i have that might be holding me back... dreams are so cool.

    xoxo rach! talk soon!

  3. thanks for thinking for me too! hehe ;)



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