happy birthday puppy boy!

today is my special dog liam's birthday.  he's 6!

i love this little guy soooo much.  he has taught me so much about patience, understanding, and love over the past 6 years.  sometimes patrick and i joke that having kids will be a let down after him- liam is just so sweet, receptive, open, innocent, funny, and he'll never grow up and leave us!  now if only we can find a way to make him live forever... ;)

today i made liam (and pat and i too!) his favorite breakfast- scarmbled eggs, chocolate chip flax seed pancakes, and a berry smoothie.  this afternoon we are taking liam to his favorite dog park in granby where he'll go swimming and romp around, then we're stopping by petco (liam calls it pecco's) to get him some treats and his favorite organic banana peanut butter frozen yogurt by yoghund and he'll sniff dogfood and bark at ferrets and stand at the register, then he and i will go for a run at the reservoir, and tonight i'm going to make liam peanut butter cookies after his veggie and rice dinner!!  WOAH!

liam is spoiled i realize, but trust me, he deserves it!  liam has been such a dear presence in patrick and i's lives and is pretty much an integral part of our love.  we are a happy little family :)!

i gathered up some photos of my prince baby guy (yes i call him this, ridiculous right?!) over the years.  enjoy!

liam at 9 weeks, in 2005.

my sis and liam at red rocks in burlington, vermont. liam is a VT native- from lyndonville, vermont :)

liam's first swim!  he was a little scared!

me and liam in burlington 2006 - i think he's almost 1 here...

liam at 1 1/2 years old.

the first time liam and patrick met in 2007 it was love at first embrace :)

me and liam after a run.  he's about 2 here.  we've been running together steadily for 5 years! liam is the greatest coach ever.

 cell phone photo of liam and pat in my bedroom circa 2008.

halloween 2008 i carved liam's face into a pumpkin!

my bunny boy is so funny- he loves to sit with his bottom elevated :).

aw his little paws!

liam is mischievous!  at watch hill, ri in 2009 he stole a paddle ball from some dudes!

cruising the beach 2009 :).

2009.  he is the best cuddler EVER.

liam at christmas 2009 being a rein-dear <3

liam wearing patrick's hat winter 2009.

my boys 2010.

liam with his best friend hoochie, my parent's dog late summer 2010.

liam sometime in 2010 helping out in the kitchen with his apron!

liam with clifford :).

liam recently.  he always sits in chairs like this, crossing his legs- so funny!

my little fam.  

dogs are so incredible, and relationships with them are beautiful- selfless, kind, simple, and pure.  if we just let them teach us, we can learn so much from animals.  

happy birthday liam!!!!!!


  1. aww happy (late) birthday Liam! such a cute post :) You have a beautiful family!

  2. aw thanks cookie :) so much <3 liam had a great day! xo



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