over the weekend...

aaah this weekend was so great.  shouldn't every weekend be 3 days?  i think so.  4 days work, 3 days off, sounds about right.

what did you do this weekend my dears?  anything awesome and exciting?!

i must say i didn't do too much, and that was just how i wanted it!  i've been mad busy (in a good way of course) with purusha and yoga, it felt so nice to take a break from it all.  i ate, drank, played outside, and was very merry :).

and now today i feel totally refreshed and ready to bounce back into my agenda!  unfortunately i start jury duty tomorrow all the way in manchester, so i may have to put my life on hold... i'm crossing my fingers i'll get dismissed or it'll be cancelled.. please please please wish for me to not go too, won't you?!

one of the really cool things i did this weekend was visit the mysterious foam dome in new hartford!

it is so strange, yet beautiful..

yay new friends ashley, chris, and maple!

cutie laura peaking through!

story is...
2 guys built the foam dome out of wire, wood, and foam for a school project back in the 50's.  they were lovers, tripped on acid there, and supposedly killed each other!  not sure if this is true, but it's been heard from 2 different sources.  there really isn't too much info out there about this place; and it definitely holds a mystery, you can just feel it. 

the whole building concept is so brilliantly creative.  it's such a shame it's turning into ruins and has been vandalized.  we were all thinking and imagining what it must have looked like when it was first built, as it looks like it had a loft, counters in a kitchen, a fireplace, an upstairs little sleeping area...  

mr. rocky guy!

pondering the place

looks at these neat stairs!

hello phil!

this creepy 'lil place makes me want to build a home deep in the woods, or in a canyon, or in the mountains.

how cool to be living with nature in a funky little place- i am envisioning my dream home one day... lots of windows, loads of wood/nature inspired furniture, built frank lloyd wright style so it becomes a part of the landscape.  i love dreaming of the future :).

i hope you all had a peaceful weekend, and are feeling bright and happy.  summer is here!  sending you positive thoughts and loving energy!   


  1. The foam dome reminds me a lot of artist, Roger Dean's architecture design: http://www.rogerdean.com/architecture/home-for-life/home-for-life-gallery.html. Very cool space! I totally agree with you about funky spaces in nature. Livin' simply with the land is a dream of mine :).

  2. Where is this place in New Hartford? I used to live there and have never seen such a place.

  3. oh my goodess roger dean's architecture is soo amazing! they're like storybook houses- so fantastic! thanks for sharing love! i know, i can't wait to get off the grid and live efficiently and as naturally as possible! thanks so much for reading! xx

    it is off of steel rd., on a hiking trail, but you kinda have to veer off the path slightly. i know, id hiked there before and never even knew it existed! excited to get some tea together soon <3 xo

  4. its actually off "Steele" Rd. that e might throw some people off. thanks for posting these pictures. none of my friends and family members believed what i was telling them!



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