wednesday meditation.

"rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!" 
~albert einstein

hello honey bunnies!  i've missed you!

i've been on a small computer hiatus the past few days because i felt like i needed a little break from the net ;).  it was nice; i'm coming back to my blog, to my etsy shop, to purusha with a fresh perspective.  aaaah !

so as i was "away" on monday, i have a little catching up to do with you!  hehe.  monday meditation this week is wednesday meditation ok?!  i'll be back for all my usual daily updates next week, i promise!

this past weekend i went to brattleboro and marlboro, vermont with my mom, her dog hootch, and liam for my great aunt alison's 90th birthday celebration.  it was awesome to catch up with family i haven't seen in years!  i felt surrounded with love and kindness, joy and comfort :).

as soon as we arrived we drank champagne and watched a slide show of old family photos.  my family is beautiful.

then we had a delicious greek dinner! soo tasty!!!!!  we played some games about aunt allie's life and then...

allie blew out her candles and we all welcomed and rejoiced in her 90th year on the earth!

afterwards, i shared in some laughter with my cousins erik, ferne, and alexa; or second cousins (i just call them cousins!).

we realized we're the three granddaughters of each of the three sisters- margaret (alexa's grandmother),  janet (my grandmother), and allie (ferne's grandmother).  special huh?!

the next morning we had an awesome brunch in the johnson's wonderfully warm house!  quiche, omelets, fruit, yogurt, croissants, almond pastries, and tea.  i could get used to this...!

i puttered around the sweet old house and took photos of my family's incredible artwork:

my great aunt allie used to paint a lot!  above is one of her awesome pieces.

another one of allie's works.

and my uncle homer is also an amazing artist!  i love this watercolor.

and this wood carved print by homer.  so so cool.  i love that art runs through my blood!

a portrait of allie holding a bunny!

the next morning i spent some time outside with the dogs enjoying the scenery and the view.  what a peaceful place.

then my mom and i headed down to the lake where i used to swim every summer as a kid.  

i remember this lake and dock being so much bigger than they are! 

while at the lake we ran into my cousin ferne and her sweet dog arlow- so all the doggies got to meet and play!

driving home through the hills of marlboro- gorgeous.

liam didn't want to leave !  hehe and neither did i!  but i'm sure i'll go back soon <3

have a happy day my friends and give someone in your family (or a friend that's like family) a nice big warm hug today.  all you need is love!


  1. Sister your blog is beautiful!! It's so special to me because I can almost feel the familiarity of it all!
    Alison and Homer's home looks so beautiful. How cozy and vermontish. I wanna go up to VT sooo badly next time I'm home. Will you do that with me??
    Also the lake we swam in... so awesome you went to visit it! It's been so long. It totally does look smaller in the picture then im my mind.
    How cool to be with the cousins. It's like if one day our grandchildren were spending time together. How special.

    Words can't express what these pictures make me feel :)
    Wish I could be there. But thanks to your pictures and words, it helps!

    Sister Kate.

  2. hayley your mom told me to look at your blog~so glad i did! i loved seeing the photos! what a special time you you had. nice "reporting"!

  3. These are beautiful, beautiful Hayley. Thanks for posting!



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