the weekend is here!

aw yeah.  bring on the good times!

as you go about your weekend relaxation and fun, i hope you make some time for YOU and your well being.

even taking 10 minutes for meditation or yoga is a pretty freakin' awesome gift to give yourself.  i've noticed with fellow yogis and with my own students that they find it can be hard to make time for a home practice.

i actually have the opposite problem- i love my own home practice so much i find it difficult to get myself to go to a class!  i love making up my own flows, making a rocking playlist, and giving my body whatever it needs for that day.  i guess i don't like going to class AS much because the lesson might not be what i'm feeling at the time.  i'll take the occasional class on yogaglo, and make it to a real physical class maybe once every 6 months!  i suppose i could attend some more classes!

but anyways, if you don't have an everyday home yoga/meditation practice i highly highly recommend it.  comparing yoga to music- if you only practiced during lessons you would never get better at your instrument.  daily practice is what makes your craft, your yoga, YOU.  in yoga, your mind and body are your instruments, and if you don't dedicate even a few minutes a day to your playing- you aren't growing and improving.  and with growth and discipline comes respect and love for your body.  i can guarantee a daily yoga regimen will make you fall in love with your true self and with your time on the mat.  the more you practice, the easier it becomes, the more you love your practice.

so this weekend- please take some time out and practice mind body union!  just sit and allow your breath to lull you into a harmonious place where the body and mind are one once more!  (throw a down dog and a few sun salutations in too if you feel like it!) start small and work your way up to longer practices.  you won't ever want to go back to not practicing again, i promise!  enjoy!

have a very happy weekend dear ones!  wishing you love and peace!


  1. Thanks for the great advise. You are a beautiful women inside and out. Love you to the moon and back

  2. aww sheryl i know it is you! thank you for inspiring me to be a kinder more loving woman. hehe i love you too to mars and back! ;)



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