hello dears!  how are you on this gorgeous friday!  happy weekend to you!

i LOVE yoga, did you know that?!  hehe i'm sure you did :)  here are some of my favorite poses today:

vasisthasana- side plank variation.

urdhva padmasana in sirsasana 1- upward lotus in headstand.

sirsasana 1 variation.

adho muhka savasana- downward facing dog.

parsva bakasana- side crow.

i don't know this one in sanskrit?- grasshopper.

utthita trikonasana- triangle.

dhanurasana- upward facing bow.

bharadvajasana II- twist.

ardha baddha padmottanasana- bound half lotus forward fold.

salamba sarvangasana- shoulder stand.

hope you all have a glorious peaceful weekend filled with laughter and love! 


  1. Incredible! Seeing these pictures further motivates me to bust my buns on the mat so that I too can someday be as excellent a yogi(ni?) as you! So inspiring. :-)

  2. way to go girl!

  3. aw thanks loves!

    carra, i am so so happy the photos inspire you- that is what i wanted!! i always feel so inspired to see beautiful yoga posture poses, and wanted to create that feeling! yay!

    thank you all for checking out my blog! makes me SO happy <3 xoxo

  4. such lovely asanas i was long time searching for such ones!thanks maurice

  5. thank you so much maurice! xo xo



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