monday meditation.

"would you keep a chive on your tooth just because you enjoyed last night's potato?"

hehe this quotes makes me laugh.  today i am really trying to enjoy living in the moment, and never ever look to the past (unless i have to remember where i put something ;) ).  

sometimes i like to imagine what my life would be like if i didn't let past experiences color my new experiences.  it's a pretty sweet life, this imaginary one, let me tell ya!  to be a part of everything for the first time, without judgement or anxiety or old fears, to live every breath like you just took your first gulp of air, is the most peaceful and appreciative way to live.  i want to live like this, i have to live like this.  i am sure it is the only way to happiness!

my birthday is tomorrow (yippeeee!); and sometimes i feel as if i like the day before my birthday even more than my actual birth day itself, because the goodness lies ahead! i am seated in time where cool things are just hours away, and they aren't over yet!  not that right now or the day after tomorrow is bad at all, but my birthday, (haha i am a child still i admit) tomorrow, is such a fun day.  it's awesome that we take the time to celebrate the day someone is born- to remember that day when we took that first breath and started on this mysterious journey.   

today i am locked in time and enjoying this very moment.  breath after breath, thought to thought.  there is something good in every day, always.  i can rely on that- what a beautiful truth.  

i started off my day as i do most days- with yoga.  some mornings i practice in silence with my own flows, other days i make a playlist and get down on it making up a practice as i go along, and mornings when i feel like i want some outside of my mind help- i take a class on

today i took the magnetically joyous, humorous, and just completely designed to share yoga, kathryn budig's class.  this class specifically: Practice Laughter.

what a playful and present way to start the day!  i encourage everyone out there to join yogaglo!!  seriously, i talk about yogaglo everyday because it is amazing, almost too good to be true.

pat and i took this quick video today (he didn't have a lot of time, eh as usual on a monday); and i apologize that it's a little quiet and mumbley and i'm slightly awkward.  this is my first video online ever, and i have lots of plans to post more.  i promise they will be longer and louder, with a nice camera and no grunting next time! 

this pose is also explained on yoga journal today:

in the words of kathryn budig today- enjoy! ;)

wishing you all joy, goodness, and full deep breaths of gratitude for this life!


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