birthday goodness.

thank you everyone for making my birthday yesterday so special!  all my facebook messages, phone calls, and those that i spent time with yesterday- i am beyond grateful and lucky to have each of you in my life!  a birthday is such a sweet reminder how crucial we are to the universe, and we are here for a reason.  one of those big reasons is to give and receive love!  i really felt the love yesterday.  i am a super blessed woman!  

here are a few pictures from yesterday...

liam early in the morning.  he is so precious!

awww all my beautiful flowers!!!  so pretty!

dinner at parent's house- so special.  my mom made arugula pizza with a nice avocado, tomato, cucumber salad.  it was perfect :)  with savignon blanc too- yum!

my silly mum!

my dadio and i.

i love my parents, and hoochie too!

i LOVE this picture!  look how cute my dad looks- like a little kid!

me and my cake!  yay! :)  vanilla cake with berries and rice dream ice cream- delicious <3 !

psyched :) !

making my wish for my 28th year....

thanks again to everyone in my life for being such a beautiful integral contribution to my wellbeing.  i need you all more than i can say.  



  1. We love you too<3

  2. Cute Pictures!! You are adorable sissy!

  3. awww! those pics are so cute and happy..nice ending to a sweet day..June 7th...a day i will always hold dear. a day you entered this world to brighten it a bit more!

  4. great pictures!!! such a sweet family :) happy belated birthday hailey!! enjoy your 28th year in this life :) hope u are having a good birthday week, i always drag mine out for a week :) happy happy!

  5. thanks everyone so much <3 i had a lovely day. :)



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