monday meditation.

good evening sweet peas!  how are you?  hope you had a relaxing and fun weekend!

today i merrily worked on clothing orders and took a nice break for some exercise with my best bud liam.  we run together pretty much everyday for about 3-5 miles.

it is so sweet and a such gift to myself whenever i indulge in a simple free pleasure, as a reward for getting work done!  today's pleasure- a run around collinsville with the puppy boy and now i'm eating chocolate.  i'm sure i'll have a few more indulgences before the day is done too :).

here are some photos from one of liam and i's favorite running routes!

and we're off!

streams running to the river

peaking into someone's yard... ;)

at the cemetery

self portrait

happy to be in the land of the living!

collinsville, ct

liam mowing on some grass!

bliss for this guy.

i love water.

go get it liam!


liam is happy.

liam and i self portrait


instant calm.

today has been beautiful.  a nice harmony of work and play.

hope your day has been balanced and joyous too!  namaste.


  1. oh my goodness!! reminds me so much of my walks with my buddy boy :) i will have to post pics for you....romeo is jealous of all that water!! we go by a little creek tho :) loving the posts! you soo inspire me!! and i love love love the rainy day tee my sweet! nice work! i have some white cut off that would be a match made in heaven ;)
    xoxo rach, hope youre having a wonderful day!!

  2. rach,

    i would love to see some more pics of you and your man (romeo, that is hehe ;) ) ! you must love him so much- puppies are the best, and it just gets better and better with dogs as they grow, i think!
    happy you like the rainy day tee <3 yay! aw you inspire me, and i honestly miss your blog posts! i check back often.. i think im going to go read it now! hehe :)
    sending you love and light my dear!


  3. These pictures are beautiful!!! Wish I was there with you guys.
    LOVE LOVE <3 <3



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