one of a kind tuesday.  rainy day t-shirt.

hi!  how are ya?

i have to say, i love a little bit of rain.  in small small doses, rain can be very peaceful and cozy.  i loved falling asleep last night to gentle rain out the window.  pat, liam, and i all lay side by side reading books at night- me: yoga anatomy (thank you sol and jon for the book!), patrick: a trading book- eiihhh some boring stuff that man reads, and liam: he can't read :(.  with a candle lit and coolness in the air, i felt so cozy drifting away under comfy blankets to my favorite place- dreamland.

this t-shirt is inspired by rain, dreams, and sleep!  yay :)

i hope everyone enjoys the day, whatever the weather!  i know the west coast is experiencing some june gloom right now, and i hope you all are finding your sunshine elsewhere for now :).  lots of love to you rainy day people!



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