how do i wear my purusha?!

good day fellow cosmopolitans!  hope you are feeling healthy and happy ! :)

and happy happy full moon to you too!

lingerie tank top: thrifted victoria's secret, tank top underneath: bulldog, leggings: redesigned with 'om shanti' in sanskrit by purusha!, earrings: hotel california, baja (i saw lance bass there!)

i don't know if it's a placebo thing, but from time to time full moons make me feel CRAZY!  and not like the good crazy where it's fun and spontaneous- it's the crazy crazy- like i just yelled at a box on the floor for tripping me.  i'm kinda feeling on edge- slightly irritable- yes.  and the things that are irritating me are things, as in objects!  damn, i swear inanimate objects are out to get me today!  my mouse on my lap top barely clicks anymore so i have to click like 6 times to get a click out of it, my 4 year old shitty phone doesn't ring sometimes so i'll have voice mails i didn't even know i should check AND it holds a charge for about 12 hours (i'm getting a new one this weekend god dammit!), there is too much liam hair everywhere and it literally takes me hours to tape roll purusha orders (i have to vacuum about once a week, liam is shedding so much!  eek, but i still love him, it's all good), i am behind on work because everything always takes longer than i think (but for some reason i can't seem to ever remember that), the sink is full of dirty dishes- again and again, my legs are so freaking sore from one of dice's classes on, and i can't wait for the day when we don't have to type on computers anymore because i'm the worst typer and just want to tell my computer what to write (does anyone know when this new technology is coming out?).  ok longest run on sentence ever there, but it's just how i feel today.  thank you for listening to me vent!  sometimes all it takes to relieve yourself of a grumpy mood is to just talk about it, seeing it here in words makes me realize how ridiculous it is to be cranky!  such silly simple "problems".  i'm bout to go run off all this energy so it'll be alright!  and i haven't had time for yoga today cause i was up so late last night freakin working my buns off, so i'm sure once i get a little time to stretch and reflect i'll be back to my normal nice self :) hehe.

liam helps to chill me out, definitely. :)

hahaha yep this is how i feel inside!

thanks for popping by the old blog loves!  hope the full moon brings you some good craziness!  think i'm going to moon bathe tonight, what are doing on the full moon?  sending you thoughts of love and kindness.  xo


  1. Hahaha. Your so cute sissy. Cant wait to run together :)

  2. Yeah the full moon can do that to me too Hayley. Love reading your blogs, they always bring a smile to my face. Your too cute. Keep it up!!



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