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ooh today's good.

come on by my purusha shop :)  

it's nice and warm in there, the sun's shining, and there's a lovely lil SaLe goin' on...  i'll be posting more items as the day goes on!



today i'm dyeing clothes and playing yoga!  playing yoga means  i'm making up a little yoga music video to one of my favorite inspirational songs <3 . ha so i think i have to choreograph some parts to make it cool!  i'll put it on youtube, emphasis on the 'u' in tube, like my mom says ;) hehe.  i'm been wanting to do this for a long time- live out one of my childhood dreams of performing a ridiculous or beautiful (it could go either way) choreographed routine in front of a lot of people. haha im looking forward to it.  you'll like it, i promise.  i'll keep you posted.


i feel like a real purusha person today- living and breathing my discipline, my work, my creativity, my exercise.  it feels good.

sometimes though when i'm really dedicating myself to my purpose i feel these small bouts of fear and almost, like, a paralysis.  it's odd, i feel like a lot of unexpected and deep emotions turn up from time to time when i'm going for what i want in my life.  i suppose part of following dreams is facing fears and charging through my basic "easy" human tendencies- fear and laziness.

man those little buggers can be a bitch!  they make me doubt myself, cry a little, feel ill :( . BUT they teach me that life is a bargain, a deal in which we must accept suffering in exchange for joy.  the only route to satisfaction in living as a human on earth is doing what is difficult, what you think you don't want to do.  then like a miracle, you make it through the challenges with more strength and grace than before.  it is so bittersweet, a tough truth that i don't see changing anytime soon.

i think though i am getting kinda used to, finding some comfort that happiness is always waiting around the corner.  life has a cyclical nature about it.  time balances itself out, and with one dark moment of fear comes a beautiful moment of peace and courage.

does anyone else feel like this?


alright now, back to work for me my dears!

oh, and this is a picture i found today i really like...



  1. Oooh - the LOVE IS FREE tshirt is on sale, I might have to get that. I just got my Purusha today - LOVE IT! Thanks again!



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