monday meditation.


how are you?  today, this week too, i am BUSY!  too busy for my liking...

you see, i'm going on a family vacation to california late next week!  wow, it came up soon!  and i have 1,000,000 things to finish before then!

however i'm taking this as an opportunity to let go.  i have been trying recently in my life to not care about the results, but rather to just care about the process and work diligently with awareness.  it's easier said than done, yet the more i bring my thoughts into alignment with this release, with letting go of my expectations and my plans, the more i find my work to be easy and of better quality.

we've heard this a million times- quality, not quantity, but i seem to forget this a lot.  i think if i just work more hours, not necessarily better hours, that i will get more done.  not so!  not so at all.

i need to work with better concentration and deep deep breaths.  patrick was away this weekend for a few days, and rather than miss him (well of course i did a little!), i kept focusing on the quality of our time together,  not the quantity.  there will always be more precious moments of love and light, and it doesn't really matter how long they last.  the depth of those moments, and my ability to be present in them, is what really counts and contributes to my well being.

so i will whistle as i work this week, and be sure to take some time for my own pleasures.  i may not have enough time to take a whole day off for a little while, and that's ok!  a few hours here and there spent with people i love are good enough.  more than good enough, these moments are sacred and will not be short changed by impending deadlines and work.  these cherished times of love are what i live for.  my work, yes it is a good thing too especially when full of mindfulness, will harmoniously balance out my play just the way it should.

today i am cultivating faith in my abilities and my breath, patience that all will get done, and appreciation and gratitude for every holy moment i'm alive- no matter what i'm doing.  come to think of it, my whole life lies under the realm of holy, and so does yours.

we are alive, what more could we ask for?


  1. -Life is beautiful and it is enough to know that in the feeling of blood rushing to my fingertips, every breath that expands my lungs and every moment the muscles in my face pull to make a smile. Even when I see the lines on my face as I get older, I cherish them. When I wrap my arms around my daughter, I know that life is no more than this: o see through the eyes of a child, to know that we are here for this constant moment in which we just love and be loved. It is enough today. :) <3

  2. leah- your words and thoughts are so beautiful. thank you SO much for sharing! you are such a kindred spirit! xoxoxo



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