good boys.

happy summer solstice people!  what a gorgeous day to be alive, and how lucky we are to enjoy this abundance of sunshine here in the northern hemisphere!  i hope you all have a really special warm day :).

look at these guys.  how cute are they?!

liam's wearing patrick's tie, and patrick is wearing his new glasses. awwww!!! i love them.

a few weeks ago we learned that pat's been walking around, driving, reading, etc. pretty much partially blind.  whoops.  he has an astigmatism in one eye and near sighted in the other eye.  yea, i tried the glasses on- not good! 

he looks so cute and smart in them doesn't he?  here is patrick in the morning working on trades, eating a bagel, drinking tea, and reading.  

he got a little mad i was taking so many pictures.  heheh....

wanna know something that makes me mad? ;)  well not that mad... just kinda, hmmm, annoyed... !

when our living room becomes guitar center.  the equipment sometimes just takes over.. AHH!  so many guitars!!  pat doesn't seem to mind this at all, i don't really like the clutter so much :).

i will leave you with these sweet photos of my baby bunny puppy boy liam in the tie.  too cute.  he told me he feels mature and sophisticated in a tie.

now i am going back to work while i listen to lenny breau.  any lenny breau fans out there, do you also think it's kinda creepy when lenny sings?  i always laugh/grimace when i hear it.  but what a freaking amazing guitar player.  though there are guitar messes throughout the house, i really can't complain as i am introduced to so much awesome music by my baby pat.

later in the day i'm going to take a break and frolic in the afternoon sun.  beautiful.  sending you brilliant and bright loving thoughts of abundance, energy, and warmth!! xxxx


  1. liam DOES look so sophisticated! what a handsome boy!! oh the human boy looks good in his new glasses, too. :) i think pat has enough guitars, wouldn't you say? xoxo

  2. Hahah I laughed out loud a couple times in this one. Cute boys you've got :)



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