monday meditation.

so much of my life has been trying to hold on, tight.  controlling, planning, expecting... those were my rules.  approval from others and being loved and admired were the most important things in my life.

that was my shortlived, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied journey outward.  

about 5 years ago i decided i was tired of not feeling good. 

 life is for living and for feeling GOOD, not for regrets and bad moods.  it's too short of a time here to not feel the embodiment of love and light as often as we can.

so now i'm on a journey inward.  

this journey never ends and there is no destination. 

i can't and i won't be concerned with results, expectations, and appearances.  i vow to do everything for it's own sake not matter what the outcome.  if i am doing good things and trying my best, the effects will come out  exactly as they should.  as long as i say focused on my awareness, my intention; and on love, laughter, and acceptance life will continue to grow rich like a fine wine.

it's funny- you think there's so much for you out there in the world.  

i mean, there is!  but the planet is like an untapped resource until we go within, and find the billions of light years deep paths leading to our source.  how can we even know how to maintain the planet and its beings, touch and effect others, spread our passions and talents if we haven't even learned how to love and respect our SELVES?

and your SELF is the same as myself.  we are all stardust manifested into this lucky and holy evolution of consciousness.  this, to me, is more beautiful and deep than any religious dogma or church could ever be.

i am sure the entrance to the roads of the world is within my own soul.  

i once tried to get to the top of the earth's mountain by climbing steep rocky cliffs with no ropes.  

i've found a trail head within myself, and i'm not even sure now that there's a peak to the mountain.  but i know this path is the only way up to joy.

so today, i am making the promise to myself to stay on my heart's path wherever it may lead.  i trust in myself and in the power of my own mind to do good, feel good, and be good.  namaste.

p.s. this tank top is for SALE in my shop.... ;)

i leave you with a favorite old coldplay tune:


  1. -Yea it's for sale!!! :D Love that tank- especially the stars...Your words are profound ("your SELF is the same as myself. we are all stardust manifested into this lucky and holy evolution of consciousness. ")-something I have come to believe in through out my life and journey of searching religious dogma and spirituality. Now I will tell you a secret of myself. Once, when I was younger and naive, I tattooed a word on my back that has religious import in the world of Christianity. INRI. It roughly translated in latin for the words "Jesus, king of Jews". I put three stars around since I felt deeply that the stars were tied to me as well. After much journeying, studying and searching, I no longer tie myself to any 1 thing. But I find that we as people are 1 consciousness. I found the INRI ironic. I thought to get it lasered off recently, to forget my past. But I found I couldn't because it has become apart of myself as much as anything else. It's just ink and skin, yes. But it was part of my journey to here. We are still made of the same stardust, the same breath that never ends over the world. I like to think that I may be breathing in remnants of Cleopatra's last breath or Elvis's laughter.

    And in the end, the irony is in "who are we to judge?". The Pharisees supposedly judged Jesus without really knowing what he was truly after- a spiritual existence with his creator. How can we interpret something and then foist it off on other people? People will believe what they believe is true in their hearts. And really, we all want a spiritual connection to others. That is what life is about to me. We are one.

    Thank you for your words Hayley. ;)

  2. oh my goodness leah.

    tears over here. this is lovely. touches my heart so deeply. seriously i am crying from the heartbreakingly beautiful truth in your words.

    thank you for sharing. i feel lucky to have found you, and am blessed to share in your wisdom :)

    sending you love from me breath to yours :)



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